Fuel Cell Power Systems

Fuel Cell Power Systems

Fuel Cells Make Sense Today

Hydrogenics Fuel Cell Power Systems targets the growing demand for fuel cells in applications that make sense today. Hydrogenics’ trademark low pressure, non-humidified stack technology is at the power-production core of all fuel cell products. The result is industry’s most advanced fuel cell performance that at the same time meets operator expectations for reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, affordability, quiet operation and easy maintenance.

Fleet vehicles such as buses, trucks and forklifts are facing an increasing demand for the kind of zero emission solution that fuel cells can offer.  Many other vehicles that operate within special constraints, such as military vehicles, also make a case for using fuel cell systems. With power ranging from 30kW to 180 kW in easy to integrate packages, Hydrogenics has the right solution.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Telecom Backup Power:
Reliability and small footprint are strong advantages that fuel cells offer compared to diesel and battery systems. Already Hydrogenics has deployed hundreds of systems for customers who have recognized the compelling value that backups systems based on hydrogen provide.

With fuel cell systems operating in fleets and utility rooms around the globe, we can show you how Hydrogenics Fuel Cell Power Modules can make your operation cleaner, more efficient and cost effective. 

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