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Problems are opportunities for which a solution(s) has yet to be discovered. For all problem cases, it is the application that drives and funnels the solution(s). As traditional technologies advance and cutting-edge products are created, these new programs demand reliable and safe advanced hydrogen solutions to fill the energy gaps.

Hydrogenics provides a link to a cleaner energy future by filling the energy gaps in the air, space, land and underwater.

Why Aviation Fuel Cells Systems? In the quest to improve efficiency and reduce cost, the major airplane OEMs are transitioning to next generation aircrafts. The “More Electric Airplanes” (MEA) offer greater system efficiency with efficient no-bleed engines, but have a much higher electrical load demand. Alternative solutions are needed to supplement these energy loads.

Why Space Fuel Cells Systems? Fuel cells have been used for decades in the space industry. Renewed interests in space exploration are driving the need for larger exploration rovers, with greater payload carrying capacity.

Why Underwater Fuel Cells Systems? Over 70% of the earth is covered by water. Fuel cells systems are silent (acoustic and vibration) power generators; capable of outperforming competing technologies in long endurance applications.