Stationary & Stand-by Power

Fully integrated Hydrogenics Power Systems

Hydrogenics is helping move organizations forward to leave behind burning oil, gas and diesel. The advantages of advanced Hydrogen technologies are many:

  • Zero emissions at point of generation
  • Ability to operate when other renewable sources such as wind and solar are not available
  • Smart grid connections offering improved economies for off-grid applications
  • Backup and uninterruptible power systems

Hydrogenics Power Systems are operating in a range of commercial and industrial facilities around the globe:

We also offer system integration and smart grid connection solutions to ensure compatibility and optimum operation.

If your facility has intermittent energy needs, find out more about Hydrogenics’ smart grid connections and power generation. Or if you are an OEM, distributor or system integrator looking to use fuel cell products for stationary, back-up or continuous power, contact us with your project needs.