Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Hydrogen is already happening. Against the backdrop of companies, communities and countries re-thinking their practices of burning fossil fuels for energy, hydrogen power offers clean, abundant energy with zero greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

For over 60 years, Hydrogenics has been providing new technologies and applications for industrial and commercial hydrogen systems – it made us a world leader in delivering on the promises of hydrogen power. We now offer an enviable depth of expertise in designing, building and installing hydrogen power systems:

  • Advanced technologies based on proven science, engineering and manufacture
  • Complete solutions – from hydrogen generation, compression and storage units, to dispensing stations and fuel cells for vehicles and power generators
  • Dependable energy systems that produce zero greenhouse gas and carbon emissions
  • Installations in service around the world – from food processing and research labs to transit buses and electric lift trucks

Hydrogenics customers are already benefiting by:

  • The feasibility and advantages of on site industrial hydrogen sources
  • Fueling non-polluting electric vehicles
  • Installing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for critical emergency power
  • Stabilizing intermittent wind and solar energy sources
  • Operating independently of regional power utilities (off the grid)
  • Joining the shift away from coal, oil and natural gas

The opportunities and rewards of the Hydrogen Economy, and those invested to participate, are here.