Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogen technology

As a manufacturer, Hydrogenics is investing a significant part of its revenue in R&D and believes in evolution as a necessity for growth. We always strive to be ahead by compiling our 60 years of field experience together with innovative approaches to offer our customers the best solution in the industrial, energy storage or fueling industry.

Hydrogen makes up 2/3 of all molecules on our planet

The periodic table of elements starts with hydrogen. Although the oldest and most common element in our universe, pure hydrogen is not a natural resource. All hydrogen on earth is stored in a compound with other molecules. Water, essential for all life processes surrounding us, consists of 66% hydrogen. Water is a very stable element, from which hydrogen can be extracted using an electrolysis process.

Electrolysis requires the input of electrical energy. However, because hydrogen is a very energetic fuel, the resulting energy produced is almost equal to initial energy input. The only product of this combustion of hydrogen is water.

Like any other fuel, hydrogen can be stored and used for combustion and serve many purposes at any given time. Thanks to its high energy density, hydrogen is the ideal gas to store renewable energy overcapacity for seconds, minutes, weeks or months giving the possibility to get to a 100% green energy supply. This stored hydrogen can also be used to run fuel cell cars, which are simply recombining hydrogen and oxygen, creating a flow of electrons and electricity that will be used to run an electric engine. You could drive your car indefinitely just by refueling it at a station for five minutes like a normal gasoline car, but only emitting water vapor.