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Jun 01, 2012
Hydrogenics at The 19th World Hydrogen Energy Conference June 3 to 7, 2012 Sheraton Centre, Toronto

World Hydrogen Energy Conference

Shifting power is a subject well understood at Hydrogenics. For decades our company has provided electrolyzers to industrial customers in the most remote corners of the world, shifting electrical power to hydrogen gas for the manufacture of glass, oil and fats, and metallurgical processes. Today we are scaling this technology to convert and deliver renewable energy through natural gas pipelines. Power to Gas.

We’ve successfully shifted renewable generated power to hydrogen fuel – supplying equipment and services for over 45 fueling stations around the globe feeding a growing fleet of zero-emission road transportation. Power to Fuel.

We’ve served customers shifting clean hydrogen power to make things move – using our power modules to power buses, trucks, trains, planes, naval vessels and even lunar rovers. And we’ve provided systems which shift hydrogen power for back up equipment to protect data centers and telecom towers when grid power fails. Power to Move. Power to Protect.

Visit us at Booth 109 and come to hear our speakers throughout the conference

Bernd Pitschak, Managing Director, Hydrogenics GmBH
Monday June 4th – 4:20pm – Grand Ballroom West

Topic of Presentation: Next Generation Fuel Cell Power Module Performance and Reliability
with Ease of Integration in Urban Transit Buses

Mark Kammerer, Director, Power Sales
Tuesday June 5th – 1:00pm – Grand Ballroom West

Topic of Presentation:Fuel Cell Back Up Power Deployment of Next Gen Platform

Ryan Sookhoo, Director, Power Sales
Tuesday June 5th – 2:40pm – Grand Ballroom West

Topic of Presentation: Advanced Engineered Fuel Cell System

Daryl Wilson, President and CEO
Wednesday June 6th – 8:30am – Grand Ballroom East

Topic of Presentation:End User Plenary

Daryl Wilson, President and CEO
Wednesday June 6th – 1:00pm – Dufferin and Simcoe

Topic of Presentation – Power-to-Gas

Wido Westbroek, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Wednesday June 6th – 4:20pm – Civic Ballroom North

Topic of Presentation – Emerging Economies

Martin Troeger, Director, Power Sales Europe
Wednesday June 6th – 4:20pm – Grand Ballroom East

Topic of Presentation – Simplification Accelerates Application Integration

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