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Jun 03, 2013
Hydrogenics participating at Hydrail in Toronto.

Energy storage, integrated with a smart grid, is emerging as the missing link in the viability of hydrogen powered trains, bringing electrification of public transportation closer to being part of our low carbon future. Today, one diesel locomotive pulling a commuter train into the Greater Toronto Area emits more CO2 and NOx into the urban atmosphere than 500 passenger cars. While the train is a more efficient way of moving people by a factor of four to one, the emission levels provide ample reason to discuss innovative and sustainable transit solutions.

That opportunity is coming to you at the
8th International Hydrail Conference taking place in Toronto on June 11th – 12th, organized by Science Concepts International in partnership with Ryerson University and sponsored by Hydrogenics.  Join Daryl Wilson, Hydrogenics’ CEO to learn about “Canada’s Past and Future Lead in Hydrogen”, Monday 11th at 9am*.

Participants will also explore the convergence of energy storage, smart grid and hydrogen technologies with the evolving needs of our urban transit sector. They will delve into ways that the conversion of diesel to wireless electric can be accelerated, using off-peak electricity and more renewable energy.