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Oct 02, 2013
H2Mobility Partners to Spend US$500 Million on Hydrogen Filling Stations for Fuel-Cell Cars

Six major companies will invest about 350 million Euros (US$500 million) on a network of hydrogen filling stations for fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in Germany over the next 10 years, they announced on Monday.

Fuel-cell cars are seen by many in the industry as the best long-term solution to lowering carbon emissions from road transport, but a major problem remains in the lack of a refuelling infrastructure. “By 2023 there should be more hydrogen filling stations than conventional ones on the autobahn (highway) today,” Daimler Research and Development Chief Thomas Weber said in a statement.

The initiative includes Daimler and petrochemical groups OMV, Shell and Total as well as industrial gas producers Air Liquide and Linde. The group – dubbed “H2 Mobility” – is aiming to have about 400 hydrogen filling stations in Germany by 2023, the first 100 of which will be working within the next four years. Germany has about 15 such stations now.

Once the scheme is complete, every 90 km (56 miles) of German motorway will offer a hydrogen station, the group said.