Hydrogen powered buses

As the transportation industry looks for ways to have zero-emission public transport, Hydrogenics is proud to offer the most advanced PEM fuel cells available for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

With our wealth of global market experience and expertise with world safety and engineering codes, our OEM partners rely on us for safety and reliability.

With 30+ fuel cell bus projects delivered around the world, Hydrogenics is the clear choice for tried, tested and proven Hydrogen technology.

Our HyPM™ platform is the worry free choice for OEMs looking for a fuel cell electric bus solution

Low temperature starts

Hydrogenics’ heavy-duty hydrogen technology can be stored and operated in temperatures as low as -40C degrees without fear of damage or failure. Our fuel cells don’t require ideal temperatures or additional heating units to operate.

Limitless starts

Hydrogenics’ fuel cells can be turned on and off as many times as needed without degradation. Current technology on the market typically maxes out at 6,000 start/stop cycles. Many bus operators keep the engine running to maximize the fuel cell life, but with our industry-leading unlimited start/stop cycles, you won’t need to. Instead, you can save on fuel costs without worrying about the life of your fuel cell.

Fully integrated system

Hydrogenics provides one compact fuel cell system. Unlike conventional hydrogen technology, additional components or parts are not needed to complete the system. So what you see is what you get, allowing for easier, more seamless integration with bus engines.

Water-free operation

Hydrogenics dry/dry technology eliminates the need for water for humidification. With no residual water in the system, there’s no risk of freezing or moisture issues.

Enclosed system

Hydrogenics fuel cells use a closed cooling loop architecture. It’s a simple solution to keeping impurities out, which is key to preventing corrosion and extending the life of your fuel cell.

See how our HyPM fuel cells stack up against leading competitors:

Technical Features Hydrogenics HyPM-HD Leading Competitor
Free of Onboard Water requirement (for humidification)
Ability to freeze after shutdown without heaters – 40°C
Shipping/storage temperature range of – 40°C to + 65°C
Ability to store longer than 1 year
Air delivery module included
Able to remove power immediately on shutdown
Unlimited standby-to-run cycles per hour
Minimum stack start-up temperature – 10°C
Free of inert gas requirement (Nitrogen)
Integral balance of plant

Hydrogenics’ recent fuel cell bus projects around the world

Fuel Cell Buses in China
As demand for fuel cell buses in China increases, Hydrogenics will deliver 1,000 fuel cell units to Blue-G to be integrated into zero-emission electric buses.