Hydrogen Mobility Power

Shift Power to Zero Emission Transportation

Every year, there are more and more operators and OEMs taking advantage of the operational and economical benefits that our Hydrogen fuel cell power systems can bring.

Hydrogenics’ HyPMTM platform is the first fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell power platform solution developed for the high durability demands of mobility applications. With its highly versatile range of power outputs, HyPM is well suited for vehicles with electric drives. The advantages are many:

  • Industry-leading power density
  • Unequalled reliability
  • Unlimited start and stops
  • Freeze start capability
  • Integrated air delivery system
  • Fully integrated optimized controls
  • Simple integration (no integration required with CelerityPlusTM)
  • Lower cost
  • Easier maintenance
  • No compressor and no humidifiers required

Cities, airports, military bases and ports around the globe, including some of the world’s largest automotive companies, are operating hydrogen mobility systems using Hydrogenics products. Hydrogenics’ HyPM-HD mobility power solutions are built for applications from range extension to sole propulsion systems in power outputs of 30 to 180 kW.

Hydrogenics also provides hydrogen refueling systems for a complete transportation and fuel solution.

Celerity and CelerityPlus

With HyPM technology at its core, CelerityTM, and its advanced option, CelerityPlusTM are the ultimate OEM-friendly zero emission solutions for medium and heavy-duty buses and trucks needing an easy-to-install Hydrogen power system for standard engine bays.


Read more about Hydrogenics’ solutions for Medium Duty (30-60 kW) and Heavy Duty (60-180 kW). Or watch our video below to see how we are leading the way in zero-emission solutions for fuel cell electric vehicles around the world.