Telecom & Data Centre Backup Power

In critical backup power applications, such as data centres and telecommunications stations, even brief power outages can be extremely costly. Traditionally, these industries have relied on cumbersome banks of batteries and/or diesel generators for backup power. The drawbacks are inconsistent power, limited runtime, physical plant issues and high maintenance.

Hydrogen offers a better solution.

Backup power systems incorporating Hydrogenics HyPM-XR Fuel Cell Power Modules offer consistent power, seamless switching and virtually limitless runtime.

HyPM™ XR fuel cell systems offer clean, secure and cost effective power that lasts.


  • Tested over 5000 (better than 99.98 %) starts without failure
  • Unlimited start/stop cycles
  • Built-in advanced diagnostics and controls


  • Peak efficiency is greater than 55% based on lower heating value (LHV) of hydrogen

Lower life cycle costs

  • Lower total cost of ownership compared with batteries and diesel generators

Ease of integration

  • Modular system for flexible, versatile applications
  • Simple electrical and mechanical interfaces that integrate with OEM and end-user applications

Zero emissions

  • Safe operation in emission-restricted work environments – indoor and outdoor

Scalable and modular

  • HyPM-XR Fuel Cell Power Modules are easily added in the field
  • Runtime can be indefinite with additional hydrogen storage

Compact footprint

  • HyPM-XR modules lead the industry for power delivery on a volume and weight basis

We provide system solutions for numerous needs:

  • Comscope Fuel Cell Cabinet Backup Systems (48 volt DC) for telecom operators looking for extended run backup power
  • HyPM™– R Rack UPS Systems (AC power) for data centres looking for three phase AC extended run backup power
  • plus technical details about our hydrogen fuel cells for backup power to OEMs, distributors and system integrators

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