Industrial Hydrogen Generators

Industrial Alkaline Electrolyzer

Hundreds of customers around the globe have already put their trust in our Hydrogen systems.

The HySTAT™ and HyLYZER™ Hydrogen generators are the result of our continuous improvements to performance, flexibility, quality, and durability. These units offer the best cost/quality ratio and conversion efficiency in the industry. To meet your requirements, Hydrogenics has developed solution-based Hydrogen turnkey products for:

  • Chemicals or Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Oil & Fats
  • Metal Processing
  • Glass
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Power Plants

Whether it’s for continuous flow, batch processing or non-continuous production, we have the right solution for you. Our systems are ranging between 1Nm3 up to capacities in excess of 500Nm3.

Our units are offered either for indoor use or in a housing to be installed outdoor with all needed peripherals.

In addition, Hydrogenics can offer 150 or 200 bar compressors and storage to meet your backup requirement. With our worldwide partnerships, we can also support you in the installation and start-up of the equipment if required and during the operation with our high skilled service team.

HySTAT™ and HyLYZER™ on-site hydrogen generation systems offer:

  • Easy startup and low maintenance thanks to our turnkey concept and limited moving parts
  • High purity Hydrogen
  • Security in pressurized Hydrogen supply
  • Reduced overall Hydrogen supply costs
  • Simple operation

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