Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogen technology

At Hydrogenics, we’re as focused on the future of cleantech as we are in today’s needs. That’s why our focus on continuous  R&D is a necessity for growth in the hydrogen industry. Our field experience and innovative thinking work together to provide our customers leading technology in the industrial hydrogen, energy storage, hydrogen fueling and heavy-duty mobility industries.

The science behind hydrogen technology

Did you know that the first element on the periodic table is hydrogen? It’s the oldest and most common element in our universe. However, pure hydrogen is not a natural resource. It is stored in a compound with other molecules. For example, water consists of 66% hydrogen, hence the well-known symbol H2O. The hydrogen molecules can be extracted using an electrolysis process to produce electrical energy. And the beauty of it is that the only byproduct of this process is water, making it truly clean technology.

What’s more, hydrogen can be stored and used as renewable energy for seconds, minutes, weeks or months as a 100% green energy supply. Stored hydrogen can also be used to run heavy duty mobility and everyday fuel cell vehicles. By recombining hydrogen and oxygen, a flow of electrons is created that results in electricity that can be used to run electric engines.