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Hydrogen Generation: HySTAT

Onsite generation allows for hydrogen to be produced where and when it is needed for for a wide range of industrial applications and hydrogen fueling stations.

HySTAT® Hydrogen Fueling Stations

HySTAT fueling stations use advanced electrolysis
technology to generate hydrogen for clean mobility fueling stations.

Power-to-Gas Solution

Power-to-Gas bridges the power grid and natural gas system to unlock new options for energy conversion and storage.

Backup Power: HyPM-XR Power Modules

HyPM-XR Power Modules offer reliable backup and standby power.

Renewable Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen produced from renewable power via water electrolysis can be used to reduce carbon emissions further in the power, gas, industry, fuel and mobility sectors, for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Hydrogen Fueling Projects

Hydrogenics has supplied over 50 hydrogen fueling stations around the world, enabling clean electric transport. Here are some of the stations we have supplied.

PEM Fuel Cells Make a Powerful Case for Small Business Backup – CommScope

Whether it’s a single branch of a large national bank, a smaller regional drugstore or an independent bookstore, all small- to mid-size retailers must prepare for the occasional power outage. In this Whitepaper, we review the benefits of fuel cell technology as compared to existing backup power solutions.

Servers Powered by a 10kW In-rack Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System – ASME 2014, ESFuelCell 2014-6331

To improve the reliability and the energy efficiency of datacenters, as well as to reduce infrastructure costs and environmental impacts, we demonstrated and evaluated the use of a 10 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) stack and system for powering the servers in a data center. In this study, we designed, tested and demonstrated a PEMFC system as a Distributed Generation prime mover that has high reliability and efficiency for both steady state and dynamic operations.

OnSite Hydrogen Generation HyLYZER® PEM Electrolysis Technology

The HyLYZER is a modular electrolyzer which uses deionized water and either AC or DC electricity to produce up to 1.1 and 2.2 normal cubic metre per hour (Nm3/h) of hydrogen. Production of hydrogen using this method is a simple and emission-free process that is safe and reliable.

HyLYZER® 600 - 3MW Stack Platform

Our world first 3MW stack platform enables a utility scale renewable hydrogen solution with the smallest footprint.

Hydrogenics Overview Brochure

Hydrogenics helps customers shift power by developing the technologies needed to serve the growing industrial and clean energy markets of today and tomorrow.

Fuel Cell Megawatt Power Plant Platform

Hydrogenics’ MW Power Plant platform is a highly-reliable and cost-effective solution for baseload, cyclic generation and peaking power applications.

Mobility Power: Celerity Fuel Cell Power System

The Celerity Fuel Cell Power System for medium and heavy duty buses and trucks has been designed to significantly reduce OEM integration time and cost.

Mobility Power: CelerityPlus Fuel Cell Power System bundled with Siemens ELFA

CelerityPlus is the first drop-in fuel cell engine developed for medium and heavy buses and trucks with optimized configurations to help drive zero emission commercialization.

Power-to-Gas MW Class Series

Power-to-Gas is an innovative energy storage solution that integrates intermittent renewable sources of generation, converts surplus electricity to produce hydrogen, and leverages the attributes of the existing natural gas infrastructure.

Mobility Power: HyPM Power Modules

HyPM-HD Power Modules set the industry benchmark for durable, zero emission mobility products and are designed to be easy, efficient and cost-effective for your business.

Mobility Power: HyPM™ HD 30

HyPM-HD 30 Power Modules are engineered to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability for light mobility products.

Mobility Power: HyPM™ HD 90

HyPM-HD 90 Power Modules are engineered to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability for medium to heavy mobility products.

Mobility Power: HyPM™ HD 180

HyPM™-HD 180 Power Modules are engineered to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability for heavy mobility products.

Telecom and Data Centre Power: HyPM Rack

HyPM™ Rack fuel cell solutions provide highly-reliable, clean, extended-run hydrogen based power generation.

Telecom BackUp Power Fuel Cell

HyPM-XR Power Modules are designed to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability for back-up power.

HySTAT® – Wasserstofftankstellen

Hystat -Tankstellen verwenden unsere moderne Elektrolyse technologie zur Erzeugung von Wasserstoff mittels Elektrizität.

Estaciones de Hidrógeno HySTAT®

La estación de hidrógeno Hystat emplea nuestra avanzada tecnología de electrólisis para descomponer el agua en hidrógeno y oxígeno utilizando únicamente electricidad.

Hydrogenics 业务介绍

Hydrogenics 公司提供可用于移动交通(公共汽车、汽车等)的零排放氢燃料电池以及 可用于电厂的从3 千瓦到 数兆瓦系统的固定式燃料电池

HyPM-HD 电源模块


HySTAT® 氢气发生器

丰富的经验加上持续不断地改进,Hydrogenics 的 HySTAT® 已成为深受人们喜爱的选择,广泛应用于各种工 业领域、加氢站、可再生能源存储和转化系统。

HySTAT® – Wasserstofferzeuger

Die Kombination aus Erfahrung und kontinuierlicher Verbesserung macht Hydrogenics heute zu einem führenden Hersteller einer breiten Palette von HySTAT- Industrieanwendungen, Wasserstofftankstellen, Energiespeichern und -umwandlungssystemen.


Сочетание опыта и непрерывного стремления к совершенствованию сделало установку HySTAT®, предлагаемую компанией Hydrogenics, лидером среди решений для самых различных промышленных производств, станций заправки водородом, систем для хранения и преобразования возобновляемых энергоресурсов.

Generadores de Hydrogeno HySTAT®

La combinación de experiencia y mejora constante ha convertido el HySTAT de Hydrogenics en la primera elección para una gran variedad de aplicaciones industriales, estaciones de hidrógeno y sistemas de almacenamiento y conversión de energía renovable.


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